About Our Team

Andrew Kung Group – Commercial Photography and Cinematography Production

Who We Are

Our team comprises Creative Directors, Photographers, Cinematographers and Stylists with many years of commercial and advertising experience. We are a diverse but cohesive group of not only artists but also business-minded professionals who appreciate working with dedicated, passionate and like-minded individuals and businesses.

We are fully versed in commercial, advertising, editorial and portrait photography and cinematography with our main studio and head office based in Louisville, KY. Our commercial stills and motion media production client base is predominantly in Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Los Angeles and New York. We serve various Fortune 500 companies, International & Chain brands, local/independent stores, chefs & restaurants, entrepreneurs, designers, boutiques, artists and private clients.

Why Choose Us

Our promise to you is that we will listen to your vision and goals and use our best people, equipment and resources towards your project. We will dedicate our efforts to help set you and your company’s vision well above the competition and do our best to work within your budget.

We know you have strict deadlines and more often than not, last-minute needs. We are very accustomed to this. Though it is always preferred to have ample amount of time for production, we understand that in our industry, this is a luxury and not the norm. We are highly experienced in this regard and are ready for time-sensitive assignments that still require 100% precision and our full artistic direction.

Read below to find out more of what sets us apart from the competition.

Exceptional and Unparalleled Gear

We use a full array of state-of-the-art photography and cinematography equipment to capture all the digital media required for your project.

Innovative Ideas

Our creative vision and direction is available to your project and we will ensure that your project is given the very best of our talents.

Timely Delivery

Your project is of utmost importance; let’s make sure we get your digital assets produced and delivered on schedule.

Contingency & Redundancy

To reduce the risk of corruption or loss of your data, we employ multiple hi-tech data redundancy storage and backup devices. Your data is highly protected within our systems.


(For the record, these are just illustrations. None of us are really this good looking or this furry.)

Andrew Kung

President & Creative Director

Catherine Jones

Hair & Makeup Stylist and Wardrobe Stylist

Jordan Cox

Associate Cinematographer

Rachel Lutz

DP – Commercial Stills and Motion

Nate Smith

Camera Operator/Gaffer

Cheryl Gribbins

Associate Photographer and Assist

Allie Filley

Gaffer and Camera Operator

Zach Browning

Digital Imaging Technician – Stills & Motion

Andrew Kung Photography is a full-production Commercial Photography and Advertising Photography company based in Louisville, Kentucky and serving cities across the United States.


Address: 1201 Story Ave., STE 213, Louisville, KY 40206  Phone: (502) 804-4940  Email: info@andrewkung.com